High Quality Student Exchange Programs

Inbound and Outbound services for High School students

High Quality Student Exchange programs

Experienced organization with high standards

Momento and the people behind it has been a part of the international education industry for many years.

We see ourselves as an organization with high moral standards and with our hearts in the rigth place. We are not a “non-profit” organization, but we are certainly not a “just-for-profit” organization either. We do this because we care!

Our head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and we also operate branch offices in Norway, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. 

5 or 10 months


As you may know, the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) are among the safest and happiest countries in the world. Combine that fact with our caring and experienced Inbound staff, and you can rest assure that your students will be taken good care of when you send them to our programs.

Our Host Families are 100% volunteer and receive no funds whatsoever. All families are visited and interviewed in their homes, background checks are done, and references from other families are always obtained before acceptance into the program. All students will have a local coordinator nearby and a national office to contact in case of emergencies.

Orientation Camp is included (3 days/2 nights) and we also arrange a 3/4-day trip per semester to sights in each country and arrange local excursions and events.

The 3 Scandinavian countries


In Norway students can experience four seasons of the rich nature with mountains and fjords.

There’s 5 million people living in Norway, and about 80 percent of them live less than 10 kilometers from the coast.

Norwegians are proud of their winter sports, their traditions and their outdoor lifestyle.


Denmark is the most southern and smallest of the Scandinavian countries.

You are always close to the water, and it is easy to get around to join the many activities.

Denmark is known for its engineering and design industry, and also known for LEGO and legendary fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.


Sweden is the bigger of the three Scandinavian countries and also has the biggest population.

Sweden is known for open-mindedness and rock solid hard work, resulting in such global brands as Volvo and Spotify.

In Sweden you will experience the caring host families and active lifestyle.


Scandinavian public schools are at a very good standard. We also offer schools that teach in ENGLISH!


We engage a lot with our students to make sure they are doing well and assist themif they need help.


There are lots of things to do when in Scandinavia, and there are many clubs and sports outside scho

3 weeks ESL Camp


– a unique cultural experience while learning English

Students learn English and experience the rich culture and beautiful nature of all 3 Scandinavian countries.

Our unique 3-week camp contains 20 English lessons per week (can be upgraded upon request), and the students will learn English while they also learn about the Vikings, the ancient Scandinavian history, and about modern Scandinavian life.

They will live on campus in Denmark with at least one excursion day a week to sights like LEGOLand, the Viking Museum and Tivoli Gardens.

The program includes a 4-day trip to both Norway and Sweden.

– This English language Scandinavian Summer Camp is a truly unique opportunity for your students!

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